Young Elected Politicians Programme  

The initiative "Young Elected Politicians United 4 Climate"​ has taken​ place during the CoR Plenary Session in Brussels on 3-5 December 2019. On 3 December, young elected politicians have been involved in three main "Participatory Workshops" on: 1/ Renewable energy and prosumers; 2/ Energy efficiency and circular economy; 3/ Low-carbon modes of transport.​​​

The results of the three participatory workshops have led to the drafting of 8 main recommendations on how to accelerate climate action locally. The "Local Climate Action Footprint" has been handed over to the President of the European Committee of the Regions, Karl-Heinz Lambertz and to the Executive Vice-President responsible for the European Green Deal, Frans Timmermans on the occasion of the debate on the European Green Deal during the 137th CoR Plenary Session.​ 

​See how the young elected politicians delivered their message ​at the CoR Plenary Session!​

To select the young elected politicians (YEPs), the following criteria have been applied:

  • ​Hold a democratic mandate as an elected politician at regional or local level in a Member State of the European Union;
  • Not be older than 40 years on the first day of the event (3 December 2019).
  • Not hold a mandate as CoR Member or Alternate.
  • Have a good level of English (as for organisational purposes the event will take place in English only).
  • Demonstrate knowledge and direct involvement in the development and/or implementation of 1/ Deployment of renewable energies at the local level and citizen's empowerment as prosumers (energy producers/consumers); 2/Energy efficiency measures; 3/Low-carbon modes of transport.​
The selection has been based on ensuring the best possible balance of nationality, regional and local representation, political affiliation, and on gender, for which the CoR is strongly committed to reach a balance.

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