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Uusien huipputeknologiayritysten ekosysteemien luomista edistävät toimenpiteet

Opinion Number: CDR 672/2014
Rapporteur: MARKKULA Markku
Commission: EDUC-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/10/2014
To recommend measures that would be conducive to the creation of high-tech start-up ecosystems, ideally based on empirical evidence and/or on the experience of people who have managed to launch successful initiatives.

- Factors can be identified that facilitate entrepreneurship, namely: better access to credit, efficient regulation and taxation, promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship and greater risk-taking.

- It would be useful to set up a dedicated database, within which local and regional authorities could share best practice. This might also pave the way for a benchmarking system, which would be very useful, particularly for regions that are lagging further behind in terms of legislation.

- Regional regulations should be simplified and harmonised so as to avoid adding unnecessarily to national legislation.

- Training is needed for regional and local authority staff. The people whose task it is to map out the future of the economy must be as well prepared as possible and fully au fait with the cutting edge of innovation.

- All regions should establish at least a limited number of quantitative targets when it comes to smart growth and the creation of high-tech start-up ecosystems; alternatively, they should adopt a qualitative approach involving a positive "path to change" contributing to the targets.

- Each region should publish a regular (at least yearly) report on achievements in implementing the targets set. This report should above all examine the implementation of the region's RIS3 smart specialisation strategy with particular reference to progress made in developing the innovation ecosystem.

- Support should be given to education programmes run in cooperation with the business world: programmes with an international outlook for start-up and high-growth companies, combining the latest technology, business and design developments with entrepreneurial discovery. Ideally, these programmes would bring together people from companies operating in different regions and sectors and generate partnership with the educational and research establishments.

- It is essential that synergies be generated between the various European projects supporting entrepreneurship, particularly Horizon 2020, the COSME programme for the competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

- The Smart Specialisation platform (S3Platform) needs to give more support to local and regional level activities, with particular emphasis on the less-developed regions.



CoR Commission activity

CoR will publish a leaflet summarising the opinion

27 Nov

CoR Commission activity

Meeting and discussion of the follow-up of the opinion with DG CNECT:Organizing spring workshops together with DG CNECT and other related DGs to showcase regions best practices and how to link with RIS3 to use the structural funds for development of start-ups ecosystems. Possibly adjacent to an EDUC meeting.Inviting CoR members. In particular also innovation builders (those that show their commitment to build the start-up ecosystem). Possible involvement in S3 platform by IPTS in Seville.Possible Open Days workshop (tbd).

23 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

Participation of the rapporteur Mr Markku MARKKULA (FI/EPP) in the Fifth Annual Economic Ideas Forum (EIF) in Bratislava.

15 Oct

CoR Plenary Session

Final opinion adopted during Plenary session

06 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

Participation of the rapporteur Mr Markku MARKKULA (FI/EPP) in the conference 'Aligning Regional Investment to Digital Enablers of Future Growth' organised by DG CNECT, EESC and CoR.

23 Sep

CoR Commission activity

Participation of the rapporteur in the CoR event on "Smart Specialisation Strategies: Implementing European Partnerships" in Brussels.

17 Jun

CoR Commission activity

Adoption at commission level

11 Jun

CoR Stakeholder Consultation

The rapporteurs on the opinion Mr Mattia TARSI (IT/EPP), and Mr Markku MARKKULA (FI/EPP), meet with representatives of local and regional associations and other stakeholders for a consultation and an exchange of views on the relevant topic of this opinion

28 Apr

CoR Commission activity

First discussion and presentation of the working document at EDUC meeting

09 Apr

CoR Commission activity

Mr Markku Markkula (FI/EPP) was appointed Rapporteur

28 Jan
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