Tietoa lausunnosta 


Opinion Number: CDR 355/2010
Rapporteur: PELLA Roberto
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 31/03/2011

- is aware that European citizenship, as well as being a factor enabling various national identities to coexist within the European Union regardless of the arrangements for conferring national citizenship, by involving citizens in the process of European integration, helps to build European democracy;

- has declared itself in favour of any initiative capable of increasing citizens' participation in the democratic process of the Union, forming part of actions involving direct, participatory democracy and contributing significantly to eliminating the EU's democratic deficit;

- underscores the need to increase people's awareness of their status as EU citizens, their rights and duties and the meaning of these rights and duties in their daily lives;

- considers that the general provisions on citizenship of the Union should be read in conjunction with the principle under which decisions must be taken in the most open manner possible and as close to citizens as possible;

- notes that regional and local bodies are best placed to promote a better understanding of EU citizenship and to give visibility to its concrete benefits for individuals;

- stresses that local and regional bodies have for a long time been experimenting with successful initiatives, putting themselves forward as promoters and facilitators of citizenship;

- highlights the need to adopt measures that can ensure education and training in citizenship, the overcoming of various obstacles and information asymmetries and gaps, and the acquisition of the educated and free exercise of individuals' rights and duties;

- reaffirms the responsibility of all levels of government to help build a "culture of rights".
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