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CIVEX reports on #EURegionsWeek  

CIVEX secretariat is delighted to report on the commission's contribution to this year's edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities - the largest European event dedicated to our regions and cities and their optimal development. #EURegionsWeek took place from the 11 October to the 14 October 2021 and featured three events organised by the CIVEX commission. On the 12 October 2021, ARLEM (the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly) organised an info session on Funding for local and regional authorities in Mediterranean partner countries . This was followed by a workshop on Multi-level governance and active subsidiarity for sustainable recovery and resilience (co-organised with the Conference of Regional Legislative Assemblies of the EU ( CALRE)) on 13 October, highlighting the importance of coordination between all levels of government for a successful recovery and the role played by the EU regional legislative assemblies in this process. Concluding the CIVEX workshop trio was a joint Corleap – Euronest Workshop on Green regions and cities in resilient and sustainable Eastern Partnership economies on 14 October, focusing on the economic recovery of the Eastern Partnership countries from several angels: green transition, resilience of local communities, and sustainable economic growth. The events generated an unprecedented interest of over 350 registrations in total. A big thank you to all the speakers and participants!

The recordings of the workshops can be revisited at #EURegionsWeek | #EURegionsWeek ( .

Following the successful closing the #EURegionsWeek, the conference on Cities fostering democracy in the European Union – urban perspectives for the Conference on the future of Europe organised with the support of the CIVEX secretariat on 14 October culminated in the adoption of conclusions which will provide a valuable input for the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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