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Isabelle Boudineau to chair EU regions' work on cohesion policy and EU budget  

Isabelle Boudineau, Vice-president of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Council, takes over chairmanship of the commission for territorial cohesion policy and EU Budget (COTER) of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR). She is taking on a prominent position in the political work of the EU institution representing the voices of cities and regions at European level.

The COTER commission (one of the six specialised CoR commissions), under the Chairmanship of Ms Boudineau will continue playing an active role in the legislative negotiations on the MFF and the cohesion policy package for 2021-2027. The political mandate of the COTER commission englobes political priorities such as the economic, social and territorial cohesion including the structural funds, spatial planning, urban Policy, housing, transport, Macro-regions, territorial cooperation, the annual EU budget, the Multiannual Financial Framework and local and regional finances.

 Speaking after her election Isabelle Boudineau (FR/PES) declared: "2019 will be a crucial year for the European Union's cities and regions. With the upcoming Brexit, the European elections, the preparation for the post 2020, we need to ensure the COTER commission can continue to contribute to those EU policies aimed at building convergence and solidarity in our territories, in particular the EU cohesion policy and new own resources of the EU".

Isabelle Boudineau has been a CoR member since 2016. During this time she has lead the draft on the opinion on "Connecting Europe Facility" and the "Reform of EU own resources within the next MFF post-2020". Besides the commission for cohesion policy and EU budget (COTER), she also participates in the work of the commission for environment, climate change and energy (ENVE).

Isabelle Boudineau replaces the former CoR member and Czech Social Democrat Petr Osvald.



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