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The Smart City Guidance Package: the way forward  

CoR hosts the launch of The Smart City Guidance Package by presenting the results of the work led by the Integrated Planning, Policy and Regulation Action Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

The Smart City Guidance Package aims at providing public authorities of cities and communities, as well as non-governmental actors, with the necessary support for planning and managing smart city projects.

Its objectives are the following:

  • to support the exchange of experiences so that urban stakeholders can benefit from what has already been done by others
  • to systematize the existing knowledge and make the findings accessible
  • to draw generic conclusions on dos and don'ts and determine relevance for other actors
  • to offer inspiration and guide urban stakeholders by bundling experiences and best practices of cities working on ambitious smart city strategies and projects
  • to provide insight into obstacles frequently met during implementation and explore what it takes to scale up and replicate
  • to support building a community around development, implementation and replication of smart city plans and projects
  • to prepare the next generation of smart city projects
  • to involve new cities and urban stakeholders within and outside the EIP-SCC.


Contact Person: ENVE Secretariat
Organizer: EIP-SCC, NTNU, European Committee of the Regions, Covenant of Mayors, EUROCITIES, European Energy Award, TOUR4EU, URBANEUROPE,CEN-CENELEC
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