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Second Workshop of the Regional Hubs Network (#RegHub)  

​​​​​​​​On 27 and 28 June, the contact points of the Network or Regional Hubs will gather once again in Brussels at the European Committee of the Regions for their Second Workshop.

The network will use this opportunity to deliberate on the results of its first survey (on public procurement) and discuss the practical aspects of the first consultation. Representatives from the European Commission will also be invited to start with the follow-up of first implementation report that will be based on the first consultation. They will be asked how they will take on board the network's finding and to give an overview of the latest development in the field of better regulation and the involvement of the network in this flagship policy tool.

Finally, the contact points will get the chance to have an insight into the next consultation on air quality.


Contact Person: ECON Secretariat
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions
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