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EuroPCom 2013 - [S]electing Europe  

4th European Conference on Public Communication

​The fourth edition of EuroPCom brought together communication managers and senior experts from local, regional, national and European authorities. Over 600 colleagues from all EU member states attended this networking event. Lectures, debates and interactive workshops focused on major challenges in EU communication and public communication, in particular on the upcoming European elections in 2014, and more in general on the role and position of public communicators in a period of elections. 

Conference material

All available presentations, video recordings and reports are published on this web page.
On this page you can also download the EuroPCom 2013 conference proceedings with reports of all sessions and workshops.

EuroPCom 2014 and European Public Communication Award

The 5th European Conference on Public Communication will take place on 15 and 16 October 2014. All updates, as well as a call for proposals, will be published on this web site, and announced on the social media pages of EuroPCom (on Twitter: @EuroPCom2013 or #europcom and on Linkedin).
We also invite you to submit your proposals for the European Public Communication Award, which will be granted during the conference. In 2013, the award honoured the EU communication strategy of the Land Brandenburg (Germany).

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