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CoR re-launches CoR-EC Broadband Platform to discuss connectivity and digital transformation  

​​​​In 2017, the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission jointly launched the Broadband Platform with the aim to help high-speed broadband reach all European regions, including rural and sparsely populated areas where there is not enough market-driven development. ​Since then, the Platform has been a key instrument in making the voice of local and regional authorities heard through the important added value of the CoR and its members, feeding into the European Commission's policy-making process. In view of the twin transformation on green and digital, the upcoming digital decade and the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the mandate of the Broadband Platform is more important than ever today.

ECON is pleased to announce that the Broadband Platform's members were again nominated in 2020 and that the kickoff meeting of the Platform will take place on
21 January 2021 from 10.00-13.00 hrs.

During this meeting, European Commission experts, a representative of the Portuguese Council Presidency and local and regional politicians will virtually gather to discuss challenges and opportunities linked to digital transition and connectivity for the cities and regions in Europe.

The meeting will not only serve to
define the 2021 Broadband Platform work programme. It will also include a specific focus on the current situation and an outlook regarding broadband connectivity in the EU, an overview of funding for the digital transition under the Recovery and Resilience Facility and an introduction of the Broadband Competence Offices Network.

Meeting's agenda​

Contact Person: Anke Schuster
Organizer: ECON
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