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NAT - 25th commission meeting  


The members of the NAT commission will ​ponder on two proposals for own-initiative opinions. They will also consider two expressions of interest to host an external NAT commission meeting and conference in 2020.


The NAT Commission will host a debate on New trends, challenges and solutions in tourism at its forthcoming meeting on 16 September.

Together with the representatives of the Finnish Presidency, the European Commission, the NECSTOuR and other leading tourism experts the CoR Members will discuss the policy and practice responses to emerging trends, affecting tourism sector and impacting on local communities.

Europe has always been the most popular tourism destination and its attractiveness has made a lot of European cities and regions prosperous and proud of their cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes.

Today, tourism is one of the fastest growing industries globally. Tourism related jobs are vital for the well-being of families and local communities. Many of them are created locally, often by small and medium enterprises.

Growing affordability of travel - due mainly to a rapid expansion of lost-cost carriers - coupled with the emergence of online platforms made travelling more democratic on one hand side and have set the destinations under considerable strain on another.​

This has led some most popular European destinations to take measures to protect their landscapes, monuments and local population.

Blending policy reflections with practical solutions, this debate will bridge the European and local dimensions of tourism and highlight how European cities and regions innovate and adapt their tourism strategies to best respond to the new reality.


All those interested in this debate will have the opportunity to join a more technical session​, organised and managed by the NECSTouR, taking place in the afternoon from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. 

Photography/Filming is taking place at this commission meeting for publication purposes on our website and/or in brochures. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed please let the organiser and/or photographer know.

Organizer: NAT commission
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