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Hearing on the support of coal regions in transition through Cohesion Policy post 2020  

The hearing, organised by the European Committe of the regions, will focus on the future role of cohesion policy in supporting coal regions in transition. It is part of the next meeting of the Coal Regions in Transition Platform organised by the European Commission. Taking into account the proposals of the European Commission about the future of cohesion policy, the existing EU legislation on energy and climate, as well as the recent report of the Coal Commission in Germany the Hearing will address particularly the following questions:

  • How can we holistically contribute to the transition in coal regions to foster policy, infrastructural, economic and technological change and secure sustainable future?
  • What are the needs and main challenges of coal regions in the EU for a comprehensive support for their structural and environmental change ? What are the best instruments to address them?
  • Are the current proposals for the cohesion policy beyond 2020 sufficient to address these needs? And, if not,
  • What additional measures could be envisaged within the context of the ongoing debate on the future Multiannual Financial Framework?

The meeting will also allow an exchange of views with Mark Speich (DE/EPP), the CoR rapporteur on the Socioeconomic transformation of coal regions in Europe, and Witold Stępień (PL/EPP), the CoR rapporteur on Implementing the Paris Agreement through innovative and sustainable energy transition at regional and local level.

Webstreaming will be provided.

Registration is available via the link under "Related Information" at the right side of this page.

Contact Person: Claudia Moser
Organizer: European Committee of the Regions
Jaa :