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Seams of Europe: Border Regions talking - Part II  
​​​​​Let's keep talking !

The conference on the future of Europe has ended and the proposals from citizens will now be evaluated and implemented by the EU.

In the meantime, the Saxon State Ministry of Justice and for Democracy, Europe and Equality ​ (SMJusDEG) wants to remain in dialogue with its neighbours and continue to discuss and find out how they can make living together in the border regions even closer and more needs-based in the future -- and for this your ideas are needed!

Join the cross-border dialogue "Seams of Europe: Border Regions talking - Part II", together with citizens from Saxony (Germany), Lower Silesia and Lubuskie Voivodeships (Poland) and Karlovy Vary, Ústí and Liberec Regions (Czech Republic) on 18-19 June 2022 at the Kunsthalle at Mitte Power Station in Dresden. 

The aim of this trinational citizens' dialogue is to deepen the proposals developed at the last Citizens' Dialogues and work out approaches for implementation, by bringing together citizens who live more or less close to the border from each side of the border. As citizens, you are invited to formulate recommendations that will strengthen Saxon-Polish-Czech cooperation in the cross-border area and make cooperation more crisis-resistant. 

Participants will receive information from expert speakers who specialise in various areas of cross-border cooperation. Thus, no specialist knowledge or previous experience is required for participation. The exchange aims at gathering your ideas for future coexistence in the border regions and make a joint contribution to the future of Europe.

The dialogue will last one and a half day:
  • Saturday 18 June from 12:00 to 21:00
  • Sunday 19 June from 9:00 to 17:00
Please register by 12 June 2022 and find out more details on  the conditions of participation​, the provision of accommodation and payment of travel costs:
Delicious food and drinks will be provided.

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