CDR-AST1-AST7-1-20 - General administration and public procurement Unit  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: CDR-AST1-AST7-1-20
Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
Function Group: AST
Management: No
Deadline:06/02/2020 12:00
Job Title: ASSISTANT (M/F)
Unit/Service: General administration and public procurement Unit
Grade: AST1-AST7
Location: Brussels


The official's main tasks as assistant in the internal control, planning and reporting sector will include:

  • Coordinating activities that promote and contribute to the effective implementation of internal control standards requirements;
  • Coordinating exercises to assess the effectiveness of internal control systems, in particular through procedural ex post control, self-assessment and compliance exercises;
  • Preparing working group meetings on internal control standards and following up on the measures/recommendations adopted;
  • Drafting notes to improve the CoR's internal control environment and update the relevant intranet pages;
  • Providing training courses in the field of internal control to promote internal control awareness among staff;
  • Providing assistance in drafting documents related to planning and reporting, in particular the Management Plan, the risk analysis and the Annual Activity Report of the CoR;
  • Managing the register of exceptions and the register of procedures;
  • Managing the archiving of internal control and planning and reporting related documents;
  • Managing the internal control, planning and reporting sector's folders on the Unit's shared-drive.

The official's main tasks as LPM will include:

  • Preparing decisions appointing financial actors and related notifications;
  • Reviewing lists and related documents of agents appointed by the Authorising Officers by subdelegation;
  • Managing and reporting on access rights to EDES and ABAC programmes via the ABAC Security module.

In the light of evolving needs, also other relevant tasks and responsibilities within the remint of unit E4 may be assigned by the Head of Unit.

Qualifications and skills required:

  • Good understanding and preferably professional experience in relation to the tasks described above (internal control, planning and reporting, LAM) and/or in similar areas of activity (audit, financial management, legal counsel, coordination, …);
  • Knowledge of the Financial Regulation and its implementing decisions;
  • Excellent planning, coordination and organising skills;
  • Good interpersonal skills and sense of diplomacy;
  • Good team spirit and ability to work autonomously;
  • Sound analytical, drafting and communication skills;
  • Sense of initiative, professionalism and service mindedness;
  • Precision, attention to detail and ability to maintain accuracy and speed under pressure;
  • Flexibility, adaptability and availability;
  • Integrity and discretion;
  • Good knowledge of the most common IT tools (Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint);
  • Affinity with and experience in IT (managing webpages, use of ABAC or other IT tools) would be considered an asset;
  • Good understanding of the functioning of the CoR, its internal procedures and the legal framework would be considered an asset;
  • Thorough knowledge of an official language of the European Union and satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the European Union. For functional reasons, thorough knowledge of French or English is required. Knowledge of the other of those two languages would be an asset.
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