CDR-AD14-20 BIS-20 - Director - Directorate for Legislative work 1  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: CDR-AD14-20 BIS-20
Directorate: Directorate B, Legislative Work 1
Function Group: AD
Management: Yes
Deadline:09/10/2020 12:00
Job Title: DIRECTOR (M/F)
Grade: AD14
Location: Brussels

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CORRIGENDUM - Due to a material mistake, a corrigendum was published. The accurate consolidated version is available in attachment.


The main tasks of the Director for Legislative work 1 include the following: 

  • ​Contributing to the senior management team of the institution under the responsibility of the Secretary-General;
  • Planning, organising and coordinating the legislative activity of the secretariats of the specialised commissions covered by the Directorate and prepare the basic work relating to the consultative process with a view to achieving maximum policy impact for the CoR; 
  • coordinating the participation of relevant associations of local and regional authorities across the EU in the consultative process and as part of structured dialogue; 
  • maintaining optimum lines of communication with the CoR members, within the framework of the Directorate's remits, and in line with the membership of the various commissions and the specific responsibilities of the chairs of the commissions, political groups and national delegations;
  • contributing, within the framework of the Directorate's remits, to the preparation and implementation of the work of all the CoR internal bodies: presidency, conference of presidents, plenary assembly, Bureau and commissions;
  • ensuring the quality of the work carried out within the Directorate;
  • ensuring internal communication within the Directorate and with the other Directorates and departments of the general secretariat, especially inter-departmental consultation;
  • ensuring sound management of the Directorate's financial and human resources by allocating resources according to the main priorities and mission of the institution and by maximizing the added value for the consultative role of the institution;
  • carrying out the responsibilities of authorising officer by sub delegation within the established limits;
  • ​​maintaining and further developing relations with the other EU institutions and representing the CoR in interinstitutional bodies.