Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


    What is EuroPCom?

    ​​​EuroPCom, the European Public Communication Conference, is the annual conference and networking event for communication experts from local, regional, national and European authorities, as well as private communication agencies, NGOs and academia.​

    Can you tell us more about the 2023 EuroPCom programme?
    ​​​The 14th EuroPCom took place in the afternoon of Monday 26 June 2023 and in the morning of Tuesday 27 June 2023, as a hybrid event (in Brussels and online).
    Under the slogan "Communicating Democracy – Communicating Europe", EuroPCom 2023 was​ an opportunity to discuss how to get voters involved ahead of the 2024 European elections, and to hear from experts and high-profile communicators on various topics related to democracy.
    The programme consisted of sessions with different formats: an opening session, EuroPCom talks, workshops and ideas labs, the closing session and networking breaks. During the entire event, a Market Place showcased​ innovative communication projects relevant to this year's topic.
    The opening session took place in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels, with all of the other sessions taking place at the European Committee of the Regions (Rue Belliard 101, Brussels, Jacques Delors Building (JDE)). Registration was mandatory to attend the event.
    For more details, check the programme​ and contributor ​sections.
    Why should I take part in EuroPCom 2023?

    ​​​​EuroPCom 2023 was a fantastic opportunity to hear about the latest trends and hot topics in public communication, to find out about the new ideas and initiatives that are happening, and to meet with other public sector communication experts.

    What was the key topic in the EuroPCom 2023 programme?

    ​The key theme that ra​n through EuroPCom 2023 was "Communicating Democracy – Communicating Europe".​

    How could I register for EuroPCom 2023?

    ​​​EuroPCom 2023 was a hybrid event. To join it, either in person or online, you had to register on the EuroPCom registration webpage​. Afterwards, you received a confirmation email and more details. Registration for on-site participation remained open until Monday 12 June 2023. Registration for online participation remained open until the start of the event.​

    Was it free to attend EuroPCom 2023 or did I need to buy a ticket?

    ​Participation was completely free of charge – although you ​​needed to register on the EuroPCom registration webpage​.

    Which organisations were present at EuroPCom 2023?

    ​EuroPCom was organised by the European Committee of the Regions in close cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

    The speakers came from a range of different organisations, including multinational companies, down to local projects.
    It was the largest annual European conference for experts in public communication. In 2022, more than 1 100 communication professionals from across the EU and beyond registered for the event. 
    How did I join the online sessions during EuroPCom 2023?

    ​​To join the EuroPCom 2023 sessions, you had to register through the EuroPCom registration webpage​. Afterwards, you received an email with the link to watch the web-streaming. 

    Which sessions could be followed online?

    ​​​​Not all sessions were available in hybrid mode. Online participants could watch the live-streaming of the opening session, the EuroPCom talks, the workshops, and the closing session.

    The Market Place and the ideas labs were only accessible to on-site participants. 
    For more details, check the programme​ and contributor​​ sections.​
    What platform was used for EuroPCom 2023 web-streaming?

    ​EuroPCom 2023 was​​ web-streamed live on the dedicated EuroPCom webpage​.​

    Were EuroPCom 2023 sessions broadcasted or recorded?

    ​​Participants registered to attend online were able to follow the web-streaming of most of the sessions on the EuroPCom webpage​ (the ideas labs were only available for on-site participants) and engage in the sessions via Slido. The sessions were also recorded, and the videos are available on the EuroPCom 2023 website.

    Who can I contact for questions related to EuroPCom 2023?

    ​​If you have any questions related to EuroPCom 2023, please contact the EuroPCom team at​.​

    What were the conference venues?

    ​​The Opening session on Monday 26 June took place in the Hemicycle of the European Parliament, Paul-Henri Spaak Building, Rue Wierts 60, 1040 Brussels (access via the Esplanade, Simone Veil, Place Luxembourg). All other sessions on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 took place at the European Committee of the Regions, Jacques Delors building (JDE), Rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels. 

    See the map​ of the different conference locations.
    How could I reach the conference venues?

    ​​​​The European District is within walking distance of Brussels city centre (25 minutes). The nearest metro station is "Maelbeek" or "Schuman" (metro lines 1 and 5). The nearest train station is SNCB "Gare Bruxelles-Luxembourg". Participants arriving directly from the airport can take a taxi or the express bus (public buses from MIVB/STIB, line 12).​​

    When was it recommended to arrive at the conference venues?

    ​​​​As hundreds of people were expected to come to EuroPCom, participants were recommended to allow sufficient extra time for the badge collection and security checks before reaching the various conference venues, in particular before the Opening session in the European Parliament on 26 June, but also at the CoR on Tuesday 27 June. For the Opening session, it was recommended to arrive at the EP (having already picked up the badge) one hour before the start of the session.​​

    I was an on-site participant. Where could I pick up my event badge?

    ​Conference badges were distributed to those participants who had registered via the online registration tool. Participants were asked to bring with them a printout or a digital copy of the registration confirmation email, as well as the same ID card or passport used when registering for the event. There were 2 pick-up points of event badges:

    • ​Info Hub of the European Parliament (on the Esplanade), open on Monday 26 June from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Reception desk at the European Committee of the Regions (JDE), open on Monday 26 June, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and on Tuesday 27 June, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    See the map of the different pick-up points.
    Participants attending the event both days have been asked to keep the badge for the second day!

    I was an on-site participant. Which room should I go to?


    Monday 26 June 2023

    • ​​Opening Session "Disinformation and influences of technology on democracy. What can we as communicators do to support democracy?" (14.00-15.30): European Parliament, Hemicycle
    • EuroPCom Talks (16.15-16.45): CoR, Atrium 5 
    • Coffee break (16.45-17.00): outside the meeting rooms 
    • Workshop 1 "Activating voters ahead of the 2024 European elections" (17.00-18.00): CoR meeting room JDE62, listening room JDE63
    • Workshop 2 "Enhancing media literacy" (17.00-18.00): CoR meeting room JDE51, listening room JDE53
    • Ideas Lab 3 "Audience segmentation as communication strategy" (17.00-18.00): CoR Atrium 6
    • Networking cocktail (18.00-19.00): CoR Atrium 5
    • Market Place - EuroPCom2023 is hosting 13 exhibitors (16.15-19.30): CoR Foyer 5

    Tuesday 27 June 2023

    • ​Coffee (8.45-09.15): Atrium 5 and outside the meeting rooms 
    • Workshop 4 "Closing the gap between EU and local" (09.15-10.15): CoR meeting room JDE62, listening rooms JDE63 and JDE61
    • Workshop 5 "Engaging citizens" (09.15-10.15): CoR meeting room JDE51, listening room JDE53
    • Ideas Lab 6 "Building resilience to election-related information manipulation" (09.15-10.15): CoR Atrium 6
    • Coffee break (10.15-10.45): CoR Atrium 5 and outside the meeting rooms
    • Workshop 7 "How can citizens’ participation and deliberative democracy strengthen European democracy?" (10.45-11.45): CoR meeting room JDE62, listening room JDE63 
    • Workshop 8 "Digital tools and open data enhancing civic engagement" (10.45-11.45): CoR meeting room JDE51, listening room JDE53
    • Ideas lab 9 "Participatory campaigns are a two-way street! Citizen engagement initiatives ahead of elections" (10.45-11.45): CoR Atrium 6
    • Comfort break (11.45-12.00)
    • Closing session "Q&A with EU communication VIPs!" (12.00-13.00): CoR meeting room JDE62, listening rooms JDE63 and JDE61
    • Closing cocktail (13.00-14.00): CoR Atrium 5
    • CIRCOM Workshop (for invited journalists) "Understanding algorithmic content recommendations to find – and to fight – dubious content" (09.15-11.45): CoR meeting room JDE70 
    • Market Place - EuroPCom2023 is hosting 13 exhibitors (08.45-14.00): CoR Foyer 5

    I was an online participant. How can I follow the sessions online?

    ​​​All EuroPCom working sessions, except the Ideas Labs, were web-streamed live on the EuroPCom website. Please go to the Programme tab and select the session you want to follow. See the full programme and time schedule (Brussels time) here​.​