Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


    What is Europcom?

    EuroPCom, the European Public Communication Conference, is the annual conference and networking event for communication experts from local, regional, national and European authorities, as well as private communication agencies, NGOs and academia.​

    Can you tell us more about the EuroPCom 2022 program?

    ​​The 13th edition of EuroPCom took place in the morning on Friday 28 October 2022, as a fully digital, half-day event.​

    Under the slogan "Communicating climate action", this year's EuroPCom was the occasion to convey EU's political messaging ahead of the COP27, which took place in Sharm el-Sheikh 6-18 November 2022; and to discuss communication techniques and methods on how to engage citizens in climate action.

    On the programme were two fully digital sessions; first a panel debate featuring experts in climate summits giving us a global perspective at what is at stake at COP27 and providing information to climate communicators about the EU's political messaging; and secondly a session presenting practical examples on successful communication approaches and techniques to boost citizens, business or public authorities' engagement in delivering climate action.​

    For more details, check the progra​mme​ and contributors​ sections.

    Why should I took part in EuroPCom 2022?

    You should took part in EuroPCom 2022 to hear about the ​latest trends and current topics​ in public communication, the new ideas and initiatives that are happening, and to meet with other public sector communications experts.

    What was the key topic you included in the EuroPCom 2022 program?

    ​​The key theme that run through EuroPCom 2022 was "Communicating Climate Action".

    How could I register for EuroPCom 2022?

    ​​​EuroPCom 2022 was completely online, so to join the event you had to register at the EuroPCom registration webpage​. Afterwards you received the e-mail with link, which allowed you to join the sessions using the Interactio digital meeting platform.​​​​​​

    Was it free to attend EuroPCom 2022 or did I need to buy a ticket?

    ​​​Participation was completaly free of charge in EuroPCom 2022 – although you needed to register at the EuroPCom registration webpage​. ​​

    Which organisations were present at EuroPCom 2022?

    ​EuroPCom was organised by the European Committee of the Regions in close cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Investment Bank, the Economic and Social Committee and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

    ​The speakers came from a range of different organisations, including large multinationals companies, down to local projects.

    It was the largest annual European conference for experts in public communication. Last year's event attracted over 700 communication professionals online from across the EU and beyond.

    How did I join sessions during the EuroPCom 2022?

    ​​​​​To join the EuroPCom 2022, you must had already registered through the EuroPCom registration webpage​. Afterwards you received the e-mail with link, which allowed you to join the sessions using the Interactio digital meeting platform.​​​​​​​​​​

    Were EuroPCom 2022 sessions broadcasted or recorded?

    ​​​​​Registered participants were able to view the sessions and engage with speakers via the Interactio digital meeting platform. The sessions of EuroPCom 2022 were also web-streamed through Euro​PCom 2022 website, however there were no opportunities for viewers of the web-streaming to engage with the speakers. The sessions were also recorded, and the videos were uploaded to EuroPCom 2022 website​ soon after the end of the event.​​​

    What platform was used for EuroPCom 2022 digital event?​​

    ​​​​EuroPCom 2022 used the digital meeting platform "Interactio" to broadcast its sessions to registered participants. "Interactio​" is fully webbased platform and therefore no download and instalation was required.​​​

    Who can I contact for questions related to EuroPCom 2022?

    ​​​​​​If you have any questions related to EuroPCom 2022, please contact the EuroPCom team at​.​​​​