Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) 


    What is Europcom?

    EuroPCom, the European Public Communication Conference, is the annual conference and networking event for communication experts from local, regional, national and European authorities, as well as private communication agencies, NGOs and academia.​

    Can you tell us more about the program?

    Following on from the mini-EuroPCom in June, the December 2020 edition of EuroPCom will feature high-level speakers from the world of public communications, workshops, participatory Ideas Labs and a training session for journalists, plus a virtual EuroPCom Market Place for participants to network and engage with exhibitors. For more details, check the programme and contributors ​sections.

    Why should I take part in EuroPCom 2020?

    ​You should take part in EuroPCom 2020 to hear about the latest trends in public communication, the new ideas and initiatives that are happening, and to meet with other public sector communications experts and organisations in EuroPCom Market Place.

    What are some key topics you will include in the program?

    ​The key themes that will run through EuroPCom 2020 are Citizens, Green and Digital. There will also be a focus on two new initiatives that will have a major impact on public communication in Europe in the coming year, namely the Conference on the Future of Europe and the European Green Deal.

    How can I register for EuroPCom 2020?

    ​EuroPCom 2020 will be completely online, so to join the event please register at the EuroPCom registration website. During the event, links to the sessions you have chosen to attend will be available through your profile on the registration website. You can also register for the market place directly at the EuroPCom Market Place platform.

    Is it free to attend or do I need to buy a ticket?

    ​Participation is free of charge in EuroPCom 2020 – although you need to register at the EuroPCom registration website.

    Which organisations are present?

    ​The event is being organised by the European Committee of the Regions in partnership with the Council of the European Union, the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee, the European Investment Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The speakers and exhibitors come from a range of different organisations, including large multinationals such as Facebook, down to a local project which uses street art to get messages across to citizens in their community.

    How do I join sessions during the event?

    ​To join the event, you must have already registered through the EuroPCom registration website. During the event, please log back into your profile in the EuroPCom registration website, and all of the links to the sessions you have chosen to attend will be available through your profile.

    Will sessions be broadcast or recorded?

    ​Registered participants will be able to view the sessions and engage with speakers via the Zoom platform. The plenary sessions of EuroPCom 2020 will also be web-streamed through this website, however there will be no opportunities for viewers of the web-streaming to engage with the speakers. The sessions will also be recorded, and the videos will be uploaded to this website soon after the end of the event.

    What is the EuroPCom Market Place?

    ​The EuroPCom Market Place is where registered participants can go to meet old friends and new, and to visit the virtual stalls of the diverse range of exhibitors. Participants will be able to chat with exhibitors by text or in one-to-one video calls, and attend live presentations by exhibitors. The Market Place will be open on Day 1 from 13:00 until 18:00, and on Day 2 from 09:00 to 17:00.

    How do I get access to the market place?

    ​If you have already registered for EuroPCom and, during that registration process you chose to include access to the EuroPCom Market Place, then you will have been sent an email from b2match (providers of the market place platform) with a personalised invitation for you to access the Market Place and finish setting up your account (please check your junk mail box in case it landed there!) 

    There is also a link to the Market Place in your personal EuroPCom 2020 registration profile.

    If you have not registered for EuroPCom yet, or you did not choose the Market Place option, you should register directly in the EuroPCom Market Place website. If you have any problems getting access, please contact the event support team at

    Will there be social media activities linked to the event?

    ​EuroPCom 2020 will be accompanied by two Facebook events – the EuroPCom Morning Show at the start of the first day, and the Social Media After-Party after the closing session. Besides that, make sure to follow our social media accounts and the #EuroPCom hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to stay up to date with everything before, during and after EuroPCom. 

    What social media actions are there?

    If you'd like to join the EuroPCom community on social media and show that you've participated in EuroPCom, you can download a Facebook frame and apply it to your profile picture. Simply go to your profile picture, click on the small camera, choose "add frame" and type "europcom" in the search bar. You can then choose between three colours. And if you'd like to add EuroPCom stickers to your Instagram stories, search for #europcom and choose your favourite ones.

    How can I join the conversation on social media?

    Help us spread the word! You will find social media visuals tailored to all channels in our social media toolkit. Simply download the pictures and share them on your favourite social media channels. Don't forget to add the hashtag #EuroPCom and the shortlink to the EuroPCom website to your posts. Thank you for sharing!

    What platform is used for this digital event?

    ​EuroPCom 2020 will use the Zoom platform to broadcast its sessions to registered participants, so for the best viewing and interactive experience, we recommend that you download and install Zoom on your computer before the event begins. You can also connect to Zoom via a web browser, although some features might be limited.

    The EuroPCom Market Place is built on the b2match platform, and no additional software needs to be downloaded to be able to use the features of that platform.

    Do I need to download any applications?

    ​As all of the session will use the Zoom platform, we recommend that you download and install Zoom on your computer before the event begins. However, you can connect to Zoom via a web browser, which does not require any downloads, although some features might be limited.  

    The EuroPCom Market Place activities, including chats, video meetings and live presentations, will all take place within the market place web-browser, so no additional software needs to be downloaded to be able to use these features.

    In case of technical difficulties who I can contact?

    ​If you have any questions regarding the event or need some technical assistance, please contact the event support team at