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Opinion Number: CDR 5559/2013
Rapporteur: NICA Alin-Adrian
Commission: EDUC-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 08/10/2013
to support the proposed financing, focused on the contribution of telecom networks and digital services to the implementation of Europe 2020 Strategy;
to complement the key proposals of the European Commission (new financial instruments, criteria set out for the projects of common interest – digital service infrastructures, broadband, eGovernement, access to digital resources and PSI, safety and security and smart energy services);
to highlight the role of LRAs in these domains and develop their involvement in devising and implementing the measures at EU level
The CoR opinion proposed 11 amendments to the Commission proposal.The following elements were taken on board in the final legislation:
a mention of competitiveness and social inclusion;
cooperation between Expert Groups and entities, such as local and regional authorities;
the involvement of the local and regional authorities in the process of exchanging information and best practices in relation to the implementationof this this Regulation;
the publication of a yearly overview which provides this information and its submission to the
European Parliament and to the Council.

Two other amendments were adopted by the responsible EP committee (ITRE), but not fully included in the final regulation. The CoR rapporteur also put forward compromise solutions during the
trilogues negotiations.

- takes note of the European Commission (Commission) amended Proposal for a Regulation on guidelines for trans-European telecommunications networks and highlights that the priorities set out in this paper - high-speed networks, cross-border public services, access to re-usable Public Sector Information (PSI) and multilingual services, safer internet service infrastructures - are all domains in which the cities and regions are simultaneously actors, providers and beneficiaries;

- highlights the key role of trans-European telecommunications networks for both commercial and non-commercial purposes and of investment in research to support specific activities and development of future applications in order to enhance the value of the telecommunications sector;

- proposes the entire exploitation of Europe's full potential for developing ICT services in the public and private sectors, and usage of ICT as a mean of improving LRAs' services in fields such as healthcare, education, public procurement, security and social services, but also in other measures to support LRAs in their decision-making;

- highlights the importance of stimulating public and private investment in a mutually reinforcing partnership for rural and low density areas, as well as for urban areas that are facing social and economic problems and thus draws attention to the coordination of broadband access by government administration, public safety, local schools and healthcare facilities.



Rapporteur's activities

Participation of the rapporteur in the conference on "Aligning regional investment to digital enablers of future growth" co-organised by the DG CNECT, the EESC and the CoR in Brussels.

23 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

Participation of the rapporteur in the conference on 'eGovernment and Reduction of Administrative Burden: Applying the once-only-principle'

09 Apr

CoR Plenary Session

The CoR Plenary session adopted the opinion

07 Oct

CoR Commission activity

General debate

15 Sep

CoR Stakeholder Consultation


The rapporteur, Mr Alin Adrian Nica (RO/ALDE), Mayor of Dudeştii Noi, together with his expert, met with representatives of the associations of local and regional authorities and other stakeholders for a consultation and exchange of views on his opinion.

09 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting between rapporteur and his expert with European Commission DG CONECT

09 Sep

European Parliament

First reading

17 Jul



05 Jun

European Commission

The European Commission adopted the COM proposal (COM(2013)329 final)

27 May

European Commission

Initial legislative proposal published COM(2011) 657 final

18 Oct
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