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Euroopa tööstusstrateegia. Kohalike ja piirkondlike omavalitsuste roll ja vaatenurk

Opinion Number: CDR 3214/2017
Rapporteur: LEHMANN Heinz
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 23/03/2018
To make the political case for a European industrial policy strategy that includes a strong territorial dimension
To contribute to the shaping of a European strategy for industrial modernisation that includes a strong territorial dimension and addresses the needs and opportunities at regional and local levels

 welcomes the Communication as an important step and calls on the Commission to develop an ambitious industrial policy strategy that responds to industrial competitiveness in a global context and which is shaped and further developed to focus on 2030 and beyond;

 urges that a strong territorial dimension be included in this strategy;

 calls for a horizontal strategy as well as for targeted, sector-specific measures. The strategy should place particular emphasis on innovation, KETs, IPCEIs, digitalisation, and SMEs;

 underlines that industry is vitally important for regions and its future competitiveness is crucial for balanced and sustainable development;

 supports the strategic objective of industry making up 20% of EU GDP;

 calls for a level playing field in European and global competition, also for the sake of technologies which are strategically important for Europe;

 calls on the Commission to enshrine the leading role of European industry as a goal in the ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation;

 shares the view that Europe's leadership in a low-carbon and circular economy should be stepped up; agrees that the development and manufacture of energy storage systems is vitally important for this;

 underlines the centrality of regions and regional ecosystems to industrial modernisation and calls for a place-based approach to industrial policy.

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