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Local Green Deals - A Blueprint for Action  
​​With the European Green Deal, the European Union committed to 'zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050, economic growth that is decoupled from resource use and no person and no place is left behind'. Cities and regions are crucial partners to deliver the European Green Deal. To create resonance and ownership among societies, the European Green Deal needs a local component, rooted at the governance level closest to the businesses and citizens.

Cities and regions are therefore called to support the transition and deliver the European Green Deal at the local level – a Local Green Deal (LGD). A LGD approach is one aspect in a range of instruments to deliver sustainable development. It should be used to build on and join up existing strategies, legislation, market and financial incentives (i.e. for climate, industrial development, employment and social protection, urban planning, energy and mobility) into a coherent, purposeful local alliance to advance the EU Green Deal causes. However, no LGDs can be achieved without strong local political leadership and coalitions with citizens, stakeholders, businesses and potential investors. Mayors and city leaders have to lend full political support, set ambitious commitments, create an enabling environment for change, put in place the resources necessary for its implementation, communicate the importance of the change they are advocating for and remain actively involved. 

The event will take place on:
22 June 2021 from 11.30 a.m. until 1.10 p.m.
as a remote event via Interactio

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This event is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Committee of the Regions. You may find additional information on the official webpage of the event.​​

Contact Person: Mario Grubišić
Organizer: ENVE Commission
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