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Digital Citizens' Dialogue in the Regional Weimar Triangle  

​​The citizens' dialogue between the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), Hauts-de-France Region (France) and the Silesian Voivodeship (Poland) bring a new level to the cooperation of the Regional Weimar Triangle.

The cooperation of these three regions started from the common experience of the structural change of the former mining regions and mainly dealt with the topic of cultural heritage. After twenty years of close cooperation in formats such as the youth summit, expert exchanges and cultural projects, the cooperation has developed into a partnership with a clear focus and confidence in the future. Hence the theme of the citizens' dialogue: Work and Education of the Future.

Participants will discuss what they expect from the EU in this area and what the regions can contribute with. This is a direct contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe. The conference with the regions of the Regional Weimar Triangle is ideally suited for this purpose. The Weimar Triangle is Europe under a magnifying glass - different countries with many differences but, especially regionally, with even more similarities.

The exchange should not only bring important ideas and impulses from the regions to Brussels, but also bring the citizens of the region closer together. In this way, the dialogue can provide a strong impetus for the future of the Regional Weimar Triangle and thus also for Europe.

Several high-level speakers will take part in the event: CoR Member and State Secretary Dr. Mark Speich (Germany), Marshall Jakub Chelstowski (Poland), Daniel Leka (France).

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