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National debate competition on the Future of Europe  

​​The city of Pécs in Hungary will host a competition of students on key issues of the future of Europe. 

The event initiated by Mr József Kó​bor (EA/HU) is well aligned to the ​​​European Committee  host a debate of the Regions (CoR) campaign on the Future of Europe aiming to organising local debates in regions and cities all over Europe to involve citizens in the debate on the future of Europe. 

Debates have been organized in Hungary for more than 20 years on different topics. The target groups for this event are primary school upper secondary students as well as high school students who will be tasked with debating a green sustainability topic  like waste management, energy po​licy, environment and sustainable growth.

During the preparation for the competition and the discussions, the teams get acquainted with the concept of sustainability, the European Union, its tasks and functioning, as well as current social problems, which can shape their character in a positive direction.

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