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NAT - 24th commission meeting  

​The 24th NAT commission meeting will be held on 17 June 2019 in Brussels.

The following opinions will be discussed:

Active and Healthy Ageing

Rapporteur: Birgitta SACRÉDEUS (SE/EPP)

This opinion looks at the increasing needs in terms of social and health care of an ageing European population. It points out several aspects such as innovation in assistive technologies, e-health and digitalisation, and age-friendly environments that need to be improved in order to guarantee an active and healthy ageing across different regions.


Rapporteur: Jacques BLANC (FR/EPP)

The opinion as such asks to maintain pastoralism, in order to keep rural areas alive. Shifting agricultural practice towards more extensive livestock systems is also necessary if our environmental and climate objectives are to be met. The survival of pastoralism is under threat from a range of difficulties: those arising from the economic context, competition for land, difficulties in handing on know-how, environmental constraints on the organisation of grazing, competition with other users of pasture, in particular for leisure purposes, and lastly the threat posed by large carnivores to livestock.

African swine fever and the EU pork market

Rapporteur: Sławomir SOSNOWSKI (PL/EPP)

This opinion aims to express LRA's opinion on the African swine fever issue and call on all stakeholders to fight this virus with even broader collaboration.


Organizer: NAT Commission
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