Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) 

​​​Regions and cities play an essential role in achieving our green and digital transitions. The Joint Action Plan and the relaunched Knowledge Exchange Platform work plan that the Committee of the Regions and the European Commission are adopting are milestones in our renewed European Research Area and focus on concrete solutions to improve citizens' lives." – Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, on the occasion of the adoption of the Knowledge Exchange Platform 2.0 and the Joint Action Plan.


​​What is​ the Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP)?

ThKnowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) is a form of cooperation with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation. The platform seeks the exchange of new R&I solutions and best practices, by organizing horizontal-seminars in Brussels and peer-to-peer events in the regions, or hosting local showcasing events. The KEP's flexible cooperation process allows for an efficient dialogue with European cities and regions on research and innovation issues, and an effective transfer of expertise between local innovation ecosystems, including business, universities and the citizens.

Would you like to get involved?

Then come to attend our seminars dedicated to diverse themes of interest for European citizens. You can even suggest a subject for an event to be held in your city/region on timely research and innovation issues.

Simply contact your representative at the European Committee of the Regions and explain your idea! In fact, our Members regularly organise such events in collaboration with the European Commission.

These activities aim at exchanging new R&I solutions and best practices, and having a dialogue with various stakeholders, including businesses, universities and citizens.

In the framework of the Joint Action Plan adopted in November 2020 with Commissioner Gabriel's services, this project has been upgraded to a strategic level. KEP°2.0 is from now on aligned with the renewed European Research Area initiative and linked to the implementation of the Science meets Regions projectThis year, the Platform's activities are expected to be also centred on the Horizon Europe programme's implementation.

KEP activities in 2023

In 2023, the KEP activities cover the two main themes of:​

    • ​Open Science for higher quality, more efficient and impactful research – opportunities for regions and cities
    • Implementation of the New European Innovation Agenda – what is in it for regions and cities?​

Two horizontal seminars are organized:

    • ​the first takes place on 15 June 2023 about Open Science for higher quality, more efficient and impactful research – Opportunities for regions and cities on CoR premises, in Brussels. (The subject is part of the EU Swedish Presidency's programme.)

Open Science allows for better science through open and collaborative ways of producing and sharing knowledge and data, as early as possible in the research process, and for communicating and sharing results. This approach affects research institutions and science practices by bringing about new ways of funding, evaluating and rewarding researchers. Open Science increases the quality and impact of science by fostering reproducibility and interdisciplinarity. It makes science more efficient through better sharing of resources, more reliable through better verification and more responsive to society's needs.

This thematic seminar aims to raise awareness and foster exchange of information and best practice between the European Commission and the EU regions, as well as among the regions themselves. The participants will be updated on the state-of-play of the different aspects of Open Science and its contribution to transparent and more robust research processes and methodologies, thus delivering solutions to major societal challenges.

Should you wish to participate, please REGISTER HERE in your earliest convenience. (Preliminary registration is compulsory for those not having an EU badge.)

Please note that reimbursement will unfortunately not be possible for your attendance. We look forward to welcoming you in the audience!

  • the second seminar will be held on 28 September 2023 about the Regional Innovation Valleys on CoR premises, in Brussels. (The subject is a flagship of The New European Innovation Agenda) initiative.

Innovation, and in particular its new wave of deep-tech innovation, is the European reply to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, to make our economies more digital and to guarantee Europe's food, energy and raw materials security. The New European Innovation Agenda, adopted on 5 July 2022, aims to position Europe at the forefront of the new wave of deep tech innovation and start-ups. It will help Europe to develop new technologies to address the most pressing societal challenges, and to bring them on the market. Europe wants to be the place where the best talent work hand in hand with the best companies and where deep tech innovation thrives and creates breakthrough innovative solutions across the continent.

Accelerating and strengthening innovation in European Innovation Ecosystems across the EU and addressing the innovation divide will support the creation of regional innovation valleys and help Member States and regions direct at least €10 billion to concrete interregional innovation projects, including in deep-tech innovation for key EU priorities.

KEP activities in 2022

In 2022, the KEP activities covered the two main themes of:

- Synergies, Green and Digital Transitions and the European Missions

- the Youth in Research & Innovation and European Year of Youth 2022

Two horizontal seminars were organized:

Research and innovation play a key role in responding to our societal challenges. Their achievements have a direct impact on people's lives. Involving citizens, especially the youth, is essential to shape R&I's future. It is hence necessary to provide young generations the opportunity to become engaged. Local and regional authorities play a key role in this process. The workshop aimed to present concrete projects and experiences from young innovators and entrepreneurs."

KEP activities in 2021

In 2021, the KEP activities covered the following themes:

- The territorial dimension of the European Research Area and the ERA Hubs;

- The green transition and the Recovery & Resilience Plans, as well as Horizon Europe Missions

In 2021, two horizontal seminars were organized (both in a virtual form):

  • the first took place as a side event of the European Research and Innovation Dayson 22 June 2021 on the subject of "Regions and cities: role in the new European Research Area and opportunities from Horizon Europe";
  • the second was held as a double workshop of the European Week of Regions and Cities on 13 October 2021 about the overall topic of "Science and Innovation for Recovery".

These latter workshops, covering 'Regions boosting the European green recovery' and 'Science for Green Deal - Evidence for policy in regions and cities', were also linked to the Conference on the Future of Europe.

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KEP workshop of 22 June 2022


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