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El Séptimo Programa de acción en materia de Medio Ambiente y las ciudades sostenibles

Opinion Number: CDR 7987/2013
Rapporteur: MATONIENĖ Daiva
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 25/06/2014
Reply to the European Commission 4 questions concerning the implementation of the Environment Action Programme's 8th priority objective on the enhancement of the sustainability of the Union's cities
Gather the CoR expertise on policy making and implementation on the ground in order to support the EC in its bid to encourage sustainable urban development
Help DG ENV to contribute effectively from the environmental perspective to a more global strategy of sustainable development in the EU
The opinion aimed at answering 4 questions submitted to the CoR by the European Commission. On 3 items the CoR was able to make its point; creation of a category for smaller cities (< 100 000), the potential further development of the European Green Capital in line with the initiative European Capital of Culture and opportunity of exchanging best practices coming from towns and cities.

E.C. Follow-up report on opinions (60)

- On encouraging cities to take urban sustainability measures: the CoR suggests strengthening the principle of multi-level governance, since success depends on cooperation and on a common approach between the cities which have responsibility for urban development, and the other government levels which contribute to the overall framework for sustainability.

- The CoR, as the EU institution representing the voice of regions and cities of EU and the point of contact for many local networks, should be a central element within this governance system.

- The CoR also recommends a common approach coordinated at EU level actively involving LRAs with the appropriate degree of flexibility that allows towns and cities to assess themselves against common sustainable city criteria and pursue the sustainability goals by taking their own measures. The recommended EU criteria could build on the Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC).

- On promoting information dissemination and exchange of good practice: the CoR welcomes the work of the European Commission on providing a web-based portal as a single point of contact and encourages its members to provide relevant information. Calls on the Member States to make sure that information reaches towns and cities. Relevant communication plans should be drawn up with the involvement of EU institutions, their representations in the Member States, the associations of the local and regional authorities and any other relevant stakeholders.

- On the European Green Capital Award: The example of the European Capital of Culture shows that an award with a legal and financial base has even greater potential to encourage cities to participate and to generate long term results. The CoR is in favour of the European Green Capital being developed in this direction.



Rapporteur's activities

Mrs Matoniene was a speaker at the UN-Habitat/Committee of the Regions event: "Are European cities and local authorities prepared for the Sustainable Development Goals and Habitat III?"

03 Dec

CoR Commission activity

CoR Leaflet summarizing the main points of the opinion.

31 Jul

CoR Plenary Session

The CoR adopted the final opinion during its Plenary session.

24 Jun

CoR Commission activity

The ENVE commission adopted the opinion.

23 Apr

Rapporteur's activities


Meeting with UN-HABITAT to gain more insight on the topic and discuss areas of future cooperation.

10 Mar

Rapporteur's activities


Meeting with Bas Verkerk (NL/ALDE), rapporteur for the CoR ongoing opinion on EU urban planning (COTER Commission) to coordinate and avoid overlaps, duplication and contradiction between the 2 CoR opinions

06 Mar

CoR Commission activity

The ENVE commission has held its first exchange of views on the opinion.

11 Feb

CoR Stakeholder Consultation

Meeting of the rapporteur and expert with relevant stakeholders such as LRAs, NGOs and other to acquire a broad perspective on positions and issues at stake

14 Jan

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting with the European Commission representatives in charge of the implementation of the Environment Action Programme and of the European Green Capital to explore how best to support the EC and further elaborate on its questions.

14 Jan

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting with the European Investment Bank representative in charge of urban development in order to gather information on projects financed by the EIB in this area and lessons to be learnt from these projects.

14 Jan

CoR Commission activity

ENVE representatives participated in the European Green Capital Handover – Nantes 2013 to Copenhagen 2014 where they attended roundtable discussions on cities actively contributing to a green and circular economy.

17 Dec

CoR Commission activity


The ENVE commission nominated Ms Daiva Matonienė (ECR/LT) as rapporteur for the opinion "The 7th EAP focus on sustainable cities"

01 Dec
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