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Economía colaborativa y plataformas en línea: una visión compartida de ciudades y regiones

Opinion Number: CDR 4163/2016
Rapporteur: BRIGHENTI Benedetta
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/12/2016
to continue to take part in the emerging EU-level debate on this issue
to strengthen further the position of the CoR as an important player in this field with regards to other institutions
to highlight the views and concerns of LRAs with regards to this phenomenon
to put forward solutions to the issues raised by the collaborative economy accross the EU
This opinion allowed the CoR to highlight the strong local and regional relevance of this policy field and have it recognized by other EU institutions.

For instance, thanks to contacts between the CoR and the EP's IMCO rapporteur, Nicola Danti (IT/S&D), his draft report contained a dedicated section on the "Local dimension of the collaborative economy" and acknowledged the important role of LRAs in this field. This section on the local dimension of the collaborative economy was preserved in the final resolution adopted by the Parliament plenary session on 15 June 2017.

 stresses that despite its complexity, early action to prevent fragmentation in the first place would still be far less difficult than ex-post harmonisation of 28 national frameworks and countless local and regional regulations;

 finds that the Commission's communication provides elements and criteria for assessment without giving a full response, which will inevitably result in differences in interpretation and further fragmentation of the single market; therefore calls on the Commission to come up with a clear legal framework that ensures that fair competition principles are upheld; regrets, here, that the Commission's approach seems to be to let the European legislator only endorse a certain number of judicial decisions;

 questions whether the Services Directive's definition of "service provider" is still appropriate, since its current wording captures any economic activity, including the many highly infrequent and non-professional activities provided by peers;

 underlines in particular the case of tourist taxes, which are a key concern for many local and regional authorities, since in many locations where such a tax applies, it is not collected on stays reserved through collaborative economy platforms; adds that this breach of regulation cannot be tolerated, that it creates unfair competition vis-à-vis traditional accommodation providers, and furthermore deprives local and regional authorities of revenue;

 supports the establishment of a "forum of collaborative economy cities" to share experience and exchange good practice, which besides the CoR should involve the European organisations and networks active in the local and regional dimension of the collaborative economy and liaise with the relevant thematic partnerships of the Urban Agenda for the EU.



Rapporteur participation in the IIMC-Udite Symposium

On 7 September 2017, the CoR rapporteur Benedetta Brighenti took part in the IIMC/Udite Symposium as the speaker for the session focusing on the Collaborative Economy.

07 Sep

Adoption of draft EP report in IMCO

On 3 May 2017, the draft report on the collaborative economy by MEP Nicola Danti was adopted by the IMCO committee. Like the CoR opinion before it, this report highlights several areas where further clarifications are needed at the EU level. The document also recognises the strong local dimension of the collaborative economy, a key aspect of the CoR opinion.
The report was approved in IMCO by 31 votes to one, with three abstentions, and will be voted in the European Parliament plenary session of 12-15 June.

03 May

Article in La Repubblica

The sharing economy and the work of the CoR Rapporteur, Benedetta Brighenti, are the subjects of an article in the Italian daily La Repubblica, published on 19 December 2016.

19 Dec

Plenary adoption

On 7 December 2016, the CoR plenary debated and adopted the opinion on the collaborative economy and online platforms.

07 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur, Benedetta Brighenti, was invited to speak at a workshop on "Sharing economy: What challenges and opportunities for Europe?" organised by Euractiv.

13 Oct

Debate in Council

The collaborative economy and the Commission communication of 2 June were the topic of a policy debate at the 3485th Council meeting (Competitiveness configuration) of 29 September 2016. Among other elements, the Council indicated that many member states are currently updating or revising their legislation to take account of the development of the collaborative economy.

29 Sep

Debate in ECON

The rapporteur's draft opinion was debated by Members of the ECON Commission, with European Parliament rapporteur, Nicola DANTI, and European Commission representative, Henning EHRENSTEIN.
ECON members amended and adopted the draft opinion, which is now scheduled for final adpoption in the CoR plenary of 7-8 December 2016.

28 Sep

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur met with representatives of the European Commission's DG GROW to discuss the Communication on the collaborative economy.

13 Jul

Rapporteur's activities

The rapporteur attended the debate on the "European Agenda for the Collaborative Economy" in the meeting of the European Parliament's IMCO Committee, and met the EP rapporteur, Nicola Danti.

13 Jul
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