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El gobierno local y regional en Ucrania y el desarrollo de la cooperación entre Ucrania y la UE

Opinion Number: CDR 173/2010
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Adopted
Date: 02/12/2010
The opinions assess to what extent LRAs are involved in the preparation of bilateral cooperation agreements with the EU and the implementation of the Eastern Partnership Initiative. The opinion welcomes that Ukraine could be the first EaP country to conclude negotiations on the Association Agreement. It calls on Ukraine and neighbouring Member States to consider the options for facilitating trans-border traffic (joint border controls, waiver of visa obligations for people who live in border regions).

- states that the opinion on Local and Regional government in Ukraine and Development of Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine (CdR 34/2007) is still topical: all of the policy recommendations are valid. However, given the developments which have taken place over the last few years, the section on EU-Ukraine relations needs to reflect the current state of affairs;

- reiterates the importance of cross-border cooperation programmes and emphasises the bottom-up approach required to identify and develop partnerships and ensure the dissemination of results to other local government authorities in Ukraine, as stressed in the opinion A strong European Neighbourhood Policy (CdR 134/2008);

- notes that Ukraine could be the first EaP country to conclude negotiations on the Association Agreement and that the Eastern Partnership provides an opportunity to deepen relations between the EU and Ukraine;

- welcomes the fact that the finals of Euro 2012, the UEFA European Football Championship, will be hosted jointly by Poland and Ukraine, and highlights the opportunities for regional cooperation provided by the event.
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