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The Team Europe Partnerships Portal is online  

The Team Europe Partnerships Portal is online

The Team Europe Partnerships Portal (TEPP) is a new platform that will support partner countries in finding innovative and effective tools to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals, and build inclusive and sustainable societies among all Team Europe actors. The TEPP is now live and ready to use at the following link: Team Europe Partnerships Portal ( Don't hesitate to share it among your professional networks!


The TEPP supports partner countries in finding innovative, effective and efficient tools that can help them achieve their Sustainable Development Goals.

The platform creates a bridge between members of Team Europe and partner countries, supporting the emergence of partnerships, and provides key information about Team Europe providers of services and expertise available in the EU. It also provides information on assistance available in the EU's priority sectors, and includes a "matchmaking" tool to bring together supply and demand for expertise and assistance.

An external feasibility study funded by DG INTPA took place in 2021, with the CoR being involved through a focus group. It pointed towards a closer relationship between LRAs and EU delegations, where a shared portal could be a positive future step. This view was shared by DG INTPA, including with a view to preventing duplication of similar services on different platforms.

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