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Stop COVID-19: Digital Health Platform  

​​Catalan Health System makes available altruistically for the International community. A free access cooperative platform to help prevent the global expansion of SARS Cov-2.

The main objective is to share the work done with the maximum number of institutions, governments and International organizations. ​

It's a tool of open code, and Works via 

  • an app available for both Android and IOS, accessible through the different app Markets;
  • a web-based chatbot called COVID19Xat, accessible through the website of the Catalan Health System.
The website, is in 3 languages Spanish , English, and French, and has all the functionalities of the platform.

  • Possible early diagnosis
  • Immediacy
  • Interoperability
  • Citizens network
  • Push notifications.
From the data collected through both tools, the health system is able to monitor those cases with symptoms and, if necessary, alerts the emergency services of the most severe cases and informs primary care centers of those with mild symptoms for their monitoring.

The information is also used to determine the evolution of the disease at the individual level and aggregate, in order to design and implement measures and strategies..

The objectives of the digital tools are:

  1. Relieve the pressure of the number of calls on the telephone numbers set up for Covid-19 emergencies (061 CatSalut Respon).

  2. Provide reliable information and medical advice to citizens.

  3. Be able to monitor and evaluate the symptomatology of those citizens who answer the test to validate the classification and, in case of severe symptoms, activate the emergency services.

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