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Disinformation at the local level - Young politicians responding to information manipulation  

​​​​​​​​​​Disinformation coming from foreign actors or groups & individuals intent on creating confusion and polarisation in society is an increasing threat to public health, institutions and democracy. This has repercussion across society and all age groups are concerned. How can local politicians be better equipped to understand and address it in their constituencies?  

On 8th March, members of the CoR's Young Elected Politicians (YEP) programme will meet in Brussels and online to participate in a discussion about how they can respond to information manipulation and speak about it with citizens. 

Speakers will include institutional and civil society experts from Eurostat, DROG Group, Lie Detectors who YEPs will be able to pose questions to and share their concerns with. 

​The event will be live-streamed here:


Contact Person: Mario Grubisic
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