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Reflecting on Europe: Building Europe through EU funds - the view of beneficiaries  
Since Spain’s entry into the European Union, EU funds have played a key role on the development of regions, as in the case of Galicia, particularly those linked to Cohesion Policy. This provides clear evidence on some of the major benefits of European Union to its citizens. However, the criticism around this common project is bigger and bigger and even the European Commission has recently expressed some doubts about the value added of main EU instruments like the European Structural and Investment Funds.
There is an open process of reflection all around Europe on how the future EU should look like in the future and managers of EU financed projects should also have their say in this debate.
Based on this logic, the Fundación Galicia Europa organises this dialogue with Galician professionals working in the management of EU projects and funds in the public and private sector, as well as in the third sector, to hear what they have to say about the way the management of funds could be improved and more efficient in the future programming period in order to maximize their impact and keep contributing to an economically, socially and territorially cohesive Europe.

Organizer: Xunta de Galicia and Fundación Galicia Europa
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