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Challenges for Atlantic Cities on the Eve of Brexit  
​Challenges for Atlantic Cities on the Eve of Brexit

On the 10th February 2017, the city of Coruna will host a conference which aims to address the challenges faced by Atlantic Cities on the eve of Brexit. It is organised in partnership with the European Committee of the Regions and the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, and will bring together representatives of Atlantic cities and regions, universities, chambers of commerce and civil society organisations.

This event views the current EU context as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, and will consider three main themes in three sessions:

1. Water as a key factor for lasting development. Used to dealing with rain, Atlantic cities are well positioned to take an integrated approach to water management, from the sea economy to direct management of sanitation.

2. An integrated approach to sustainable urban development. This includes smart cities, urban mobility, employment, and the necessary urban-rural links.

3. Multi-level governance of the EU. The Atlantic cities want to insipire multi-level governance through their experience of democratic policy management, from participative budgets to social public procurement.

The conclusions reached in this event will be collected in a report to the European Committee of the Regions and other EU institutions. The following day, the Mayors of the Atlantic Cities will meet to establish a roadmap for Atlantic cities in a changing context, drawing on the insight and experience of the previous day.

For more details, please consult the programme.
Registration is now open at the Atlantic Arc Cities webpage.


Organizer: City of Coruna
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