COR/AD14/30 BIS/22 - Director - Directorate for Innovation and Information Technology  

Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AD14/30 BIS/22
Directorate: Directorate for Innovation and Information Technology
Function Group: AD
Management: Yes
Deadline: 14/10/2022 12:00
Job Title: Director (M/F)
Grade: AD14
Location: Brussels



The main tasks of the Director for Innovation and Information Technology comprise:

  • contributing to the senior management team of the two institutions under the leadership and responsibility of their respective Secretaries-General;
  • preparing and implementing the digital strategy of the Committees in the post-COVID 19 environment;
  • planning, organising and coordinating the tasks carried out by the Directorate with a view to streamlining the activities of the two Committees, granting a smooth delivery of IT solutions, platforms while providing forward looking solutions allowing the Committees to continuously modernise its working methods and internal processes;
  • providing optimal IT services to the members and staff through modern, digital tools facilitating the daily operations and ensuring their interoperability with other internal or inter-institutional systems;
  • defining in cooperation with Directorates in charge of communication relevant IT based tools supporting the political and consultative activities of both Committees;
  • establishing effective inter-institutional relations and coordinate with other Directorates to ensure the best possible use of financial, human and IT resources;
  • ensuring the quality of the work carried out within the Directorate;
  • ensuring internal communication within the Directorate and with the other Directorates and departments of the general secretariats of the two Committees;
  • ensuring sound management of the Directorate's financial and human resources by maximizing the expected impact in close cooperation with the central procurement and financial initiation team;
  • carrying out the responsibilities of authorising officer by sub delegation within the established limits;
  • ensuring a smooth cooperation with the unit in charge of central management of procurement procedures and financial management within the Joint services.​
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