Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget (COTER)  

The remit of the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Policy and EU Budget (COTER) covers

Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion

Structural Funds and Spatial Planning

Urban Policy and Housing

Transport and Trans-European Transport Networks

Macro-regions, Territorial cooperation, and Regional statistics and indicators

Annual EU budget, Multiannual Financial Framework, and Local and Regional Finances

The COTER Secretariat is also responsible for the official EU register of the EGTCs and for managing the EGTC Platform bringing together political and technical representatives of all the existing EGTCs and EGTCs under construction.

In addition, COTER is in charge of the CoR's Territorial Impact Assessments (TIAs) . TIAs provide CoR rapporteurs with an analysis of the potential territorial impact of EU legislative proposals.

Joint CoR-OECD activities – in areas such as the quality of public investment, decentralisation or regional, urban and rural development – are also managed by COTER. The key objective of the cooperation is to strengthen political dialogue between the OECD and EU local and regional governments and ultimately improve public policies that foster economic and social well-being.

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Head of Unit: Marie-Claire Neill-Cowper

Assistant to the HoU: Maria Smyth


  • Gordon Modro, in charge of Economic, Social and Territorial cohesion, Structural Funds, Spatial Planning, Urban Policy, Housing, Transport including TEN-T, Territorial cooperation 
  • Igor Caldeira, in charge of TIA: Coordination of CoR Territorial Impact Assessments, – Regional Statistics and Indicators
  • Marek Bobis, in charge of ESIF, Cross-border Cooperation - Multi-Annual Financial Framework, EFSI, Annual EU Budget
  • Slaven Klobucar, in charge of EGTC: Management of EGTC Platform, Cross-border cooperation, Territorial Cooperation
  • Gustavo López Cutillas, in charge of ESIF, Urban Policy, Housing, Spatial Planning, OECD Relations, Maritime Transport, Ports
  • Vacant, in charge of Macro Regions, Cross-border cooperation, Local and Regional finances, Aviation
  • Florian Achleitner, in charge of General Transport Policy, TEN-T, Road Transport, Rail Transport, Inland Waterways
  • Lucy Tober, in charge of ESIF, Multi-Annual Financial Framework, Territorial Cooperation, EFSI, membership of the Group of Communicators (GOC)


  • Lucia Bertola, in charge of the general support to COTER Commission and BUDG Working Group
  • Georgia Evmorfopoulou, in charge of the general support to COTER Commission and BUDG Working Group
  • Luciana Perez Catán Flores, in charge of management of EGTC register, General support to EGTC platform and TIA activities General Support to COTER Secretariat​
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