Territorial Impact Assessment 

Territorial Impact Assessments (TIAs) aim to provide the Committee of the Regions' (CoR) rapporteurs with an analysis of the potential territorial impact of EU legislative proposals.

Following the 2013 Opinion on "A ssessing territorial impacts" the Committee intends to promote TIAs as a tool for better EU policymaking in order to take into account the potential territorial impacts of policy and legislative proposals. This goal was further reinforced with the Renewed Territorial Impact Assessment Strategy of 2015.

The CoR's TIA activities are managed by the COTER secretariat in close cooperation with other commissions' secretariats.​​


  1. Integration of Geographic and Statistical data for better EU policy (study, April 2021) 1.94 MB PDF
  2. Territorial Impact Assessment on the effects of Decarbonisation policies on Cohesion as a value (ex-ante, March 2021) 1.76 MB PDF
  3. Territorial Impact Assessment on EU Climate Targets (ex-ante, February 2021) 1.91 MB PDF
  4. Territorial Impact Assessment on Cross Border Health Threats (ex-ante, January 2021) 1.35 MB PDF
  5. Territorial Impact Assessment: the State of the Cities and Regions in the COVID-19 crisis (June 2020) 6.49 MB PDF
  6. Territorial Impact Assessment on the TEN-T (June 2020) 3.25 MB PDF
  7. Territorial Impact Assessment on Biodiversity (ex-ante, January 2020) 6.16 MB PDF
  8. Territorial Impact Assessment on Demographic Change (ex-ante, January 2020) 5.51 MB PDF
  9. State of the art and challenges ahead for Territorial Impact Assessments (study, January 2020) 1.4 MB PDF
  10. Territorial Impact Assessment on Energy Poverty (ex-ante, May 2019) 2.66 MB PDF
  11. Territorial Impact Assessment on Climate Neutrality (ex-ante, April 2019) 2.85 MB PDF
  12. Territorial Impact assessment on the Bioeconomy (ex-ante, April 2019) 3.89 MB PDF
  13. Territorial Impact Assessment on a Place-based Industrial Strategy (ex-ante, March 2019) 3.07 MB PDF
  14. Territorial Impact Assessment – establishment of the European Labour Authority (ex-ante, July 2018) 887.7 KB PDF
  15. Territorial Impact Assessment – UK's withdrawal from the EU (ex-ante, February 2018) 2.28 MB PDF
  16. Territorial Impact Assessment – EGTC Regulation – Regulation (EU) No 1302/2013 amending Regulation (EC) No 1082/2006 (ex-post, March 2018) 3.57 MB PDF
  17. Cross-border Impact Assessment Report / European Territorial Cooperation post-2020 (ex-ante, March 2018) 1 MB PDF
  18. Urban Impact Assessment - Implementation of the 2030 Agenda; The influence of SDG 11.3 on urban development through spatial planning (ex-post, May 2018) 1.24 MB PDF
  19. Territorial Impact Assessment - Smart Specialisation (ex-ante, 2017) 12.1 MB PDF
  20. Territorial Impact Assessment – Work-Life Balance Directive (ex-ante) 6.36 MB PDF
  21. Territorial Impact Assessment - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (ex-ante, 2016) 3.02 MB PDF
  22. Urban Impact Assessment – New Skills for Europe (ex-ante, 2016) 5.04 MB PDF
  23. Urban Impact Assessment - Sharing economy (ex-ante, 2016) 677.25 KB PDF
  24. Territorial Impact Assessment - Birds and Habitats Directives (ex-post, 2015) 560.92 KB PDF
  25. Analytical note - Port reception facilities Directive (ex-post, 2015) 1.41 MB PDF
  26. Urban Impact Assessment - Energy performance of Buildings Directive (ex-post, 2015) 4.8 MB PDF


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