Opinion Factsheet  

Amending the Energy Efficiency Directive to meet the new 2030 climate targets

Opinion Number: CDR 4548/2021
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 28/04/2022

- highlights that the ongoing energy transition is resulting in a move away from an energy system based on traditional centralised generation to one which is more decentralised, energy-efficient, flexible and largely renewables-based; welcomes therefore the recognition of the role of citizens in the energy transition and the need for constant awareness-raising, including through instruments like the Climate Pact; in this regard, reiterates the crucial role that local and regional action plays in engaging with citizens and promoting the green transition through successful community-led best practices;

- welcomes the explicit reference to the need to combat energy and mobility poverty using energy efficiency measures and the subsequent need for Member States to support the local and regional level in this sense; considers it essential, in this connection, to alleviate the initial cost burden of energy efficiency measures, especially for vulnerable households and groups of consumers;

- underlines that the proposed absolute reductions in energy use and final energy consumption of all public bodies by 1.7% each year will be a huge challenge for most Member States. It will require extensive capacity building in terms of finance, competence, guidance, data, reporting etc.

- welcomes the proposal of legislative requirements to renovate 3% of the public building stock on an annual basis, sees a need for extensive capacity building through technical, financial (including EU direct financing) and policy support and exchange of good practice and calls for further clarification and a definition of measures and methods regarding building renovation, applicable correction factors for different building types and characteristics , as well as financial arrangements at local, regional and national level;

- calls on the Commission and the European Parliament to set up a Pilot Project dealing specifically with the challenging renovation and increasing of energy efficiency of historical and/or particular landmark buildings. The regions or cities participating in this Pilot Project would provide a detailed concept for the renovation of the historical or other landmark building of their choosing.