Opinion Factsheet 

Legal migration. Attracting skills and talent to the EU

Opinion Number: CDR 3942/2022
Rapporteur: VARACALLI Giuseppe
Commission: CIVEX
Status: Under preparation
Date: 01/12/2022
To stress the point of view of the Local and Regional Authorities regarding the proposals contained in the Legal Migration - Attracting skills and talent to the EU communications.
To formulate further suggestions to improve the proposals.
Municipal and regional authorities play a key role in identifying the needs of the labor market as well as in defining the conditions that require the implementation of safeguard procedures (labor market analysis) and migration is a key driver of city growth and contributes to making cities much more diverse;
Regional and local authorities, which have the best knowledge of the needs of local and regional labor markets, should to be involved in the process of EU's transition to a green and digital economy whichrequires specific skills and the restructuring of economies and labor markets, which in turn require additional manpower and new skills;
Implementation of mobility projects and partnerships for talent should include local authorities and regional governments

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