Opinion Factsheet  

Promoting coexistence with conflict species within the framework of the EU Nature Directives

Opinion Number: CDR 3545/2017
Rapporteur: BORBOLY Csaba
Group: EPP (European People's Party)
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 31/01/2018
Analyse the situation of conflict species protected by the Habitats directive and the Birds directive ("Nature directives") and the important role of local and regional authorities.
Advocate new measures to encourage positive externalities in local communities.
Advocate new measures, based on scientific evidence, to implement the directives.
Ensure the direct involvement of local and regional communities in platforms and cooperation mechanisms on conflict species and in shaping policies in this area.
Ensure adequate resources in the next Multiannual Financial Framework for protection, prevention, compensation, research and other initiatives.
Ensure that regions with unsatisfactory approaches for large carnivores can improve conflicts management, fully exploiting experiences from research and projects, to ensure the reduction of impact and risk for humans and farm animals.
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- draws attention to the importance for biodiversity, the Natura 2000 network and species protection that Member States, regions and local authorities adopt coordinated measures in accordance with the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity;

- finds that new measures need to be put in place to encourage positive externalities – so often mentioned in relation to biodiversity and large predators – to fully develop in local communities: in many cases, these opportunities are still under-utilised in practice, or else the conditions for seizing such opportunities, especially the requisite expertise and assistance, are insufficient;

- in view of the definition of conflict species as those which, due to their biology and ethology, compete with a range of human activities for the use of common resources and space, calls for new measures, based on scientific evidence, that can be used when devising suitable methods for implementing the directives and various other types of measures;

- calls on the Commission to take the necessary steps to ensure that local and regional communities, their organisations and representatives are directly involved and can participate effectively and efficiently in setting up platforms and cooperation mechanisms on conflict species and in shaping policies in this area;

- hopes that when the next Multiannual Financial Framework is being planned, adequate resources will be granted to ensure funding of protection, prevention (including also awareness raising and environmental education), compensatory measures, research and other specific initiatives to promote development in the different areas for action, and under relevant EU Funds;

- is of the view that in some regions the approach adopted so far to large carnivores is unsatis-factory, so there is a need to improve the management of the conflicts associated to large carnivores, fully exploiting the relevant experiences from research and development projects as well as from other relevant projects, with a view to reducing the impact and risk for hu-mans and farm animals.



Plenary meeting of the EU Large Carnivore Platform

The EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores is a grouping of organisations representing different interests groups which have agreed a joint mission:

*"To promote ways and means to minimize, and wherever possible find solutions to, conflicts between human interests and the presence of large carnivore species, by exchanging knowledge and by working together in an open-ended, constructive and mutually respectful way*"

Mr Borboly has participated to the 6th Annual Plenary meeting in Brussels.

Please see the following link for more details: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/conservation/species/habitats_dir_en.htm

13 May

Changes to State aid guidelines on European Union Member States financing for compensation and prevention measures

Changes to State aid guidelines on European Union Member States financing for compensation and prevention measures

This short briefing, published in Carnivore Damage Prevention News summarises the recent changes and their implications for compensation and damage prevention.

Date: April (the day below is indicative).

15 Apr

European Commissioners sent a letter to EU ministers on the wolf in Europe

The European Commissioner for the Environment Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella and the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Phil Hogan have written to the Ministers for the Environment and Agriculture in the EU Member States regarding the situation of the wolf in Europe. The letter acknowledges the challenges faced by many member states in addressing conflicts associated with wolves and describes the work the European Commission has carried out in this respect. It highlights the opportunities available to Member States to support coexistence between people and large carnivores with EU and state funding.​

11 Feb

Launch of Pilot Project Regional Large Carnivores Platforms

The stakeholders of the EU Platform on Coexistence between People and Large Carnivores supported EU parliamentarians to suggest funding regional platforms on people and large carnivores in areas with ongoing conflicts focused on large carnivore presence. The European Parliament agreed to finance a pilot project, which was contracted by the European Commission.

One of the regions involved is the Harghita County, whose president is Mr borboly (EPP/RO), member of the ENVE Commmission of the cor and Rapporteur on conflict species.

Starting date: announcement in May 2018 (the date below is indicative).
Project ongoing.

01 May

Stakeholder meetings by the rapporteur

Meetings with key stakeholders (landuser organisations, NGOs)

12 Sep