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 State of the regions and cities of the European Union  

The EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer is the speech the President of the European Committee of the Regions delivers to address the most pressing challenges for the year ahead.

 EU Annual Regional and Local Barometer  

This first edition, published on 12 October 2020, focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. EU regional and local authorities have been on the frontline in tackling the health crisis and keeping people safe. The report shows how they are also key to the economic recovery. We highlight the impact on the most vulnerable in our communities and present new public opinion data on these issues, polled less than a month before publication.



    COVID-19: a regional health crisis (English only)
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    The corona crash: why some regions suffered more (English only)
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Public opinion survey: The coronavirus crisis and the role of regions and cities in the EU  

Most citizens say giving local and regional authorities more influence in the EU will improve its ability to solve problems. Local and regional authorities remain the most trusted level of government overall, indeed the only level in which more than half Europeans trust.
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