Commission for the Environment, Climate change and Energy (ENVE)  

The remit of the ENVE Commission covers:

  • Environment
  • Climate Change
  • Energy
  • Space policies of the European Union     

The ENVE commission also coordinates activities related to the Covenant of Mayors, an initiative involving local and regional authorities in the fight for better climate and energy policies.

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 Previous Meetings

Head of Unit: Elisa GAROSI

Assistant to the HoU: Livia VADUVA

B2.1 Sector Environment (ENVE):

  • Aliona FORNEA, Back-up to HoU, ENV coordination, CoR&DG ENV Platform
  • Mailys KAHN, Green Deal, Circular Economy
  • Stefano PANOZZO, EAP, Air Quality​
  • Roberto RINALDI, Biodiversity, COP CBD, COP UNFCCC
  • Sara MILANO, General support to the Environment Team and Green Deal 

B2.2 Sector Climate, Energy and Green Deal (CLIMA):

  • Alessandra ANTONINI, Climate, Energy and Green Deal coordination,
    Covenant of Mayors coordination
  • ​Jeroen VANDEUR, Hydrogen, Renewables, Energy efficiency, Space
  • Mario GRUBISIC, Climate, Green Deal, Green Deal Going Local Working Group 
  • José FONSECA LAVADO​, Climate, Green Deal Ambassadors, ENVOY,
    Green Deal communication
  • Claudia Lollo, General support to Climate, Energy and Space Team
  • Marta MANSANET CANOVAS (Trainee), General support to ENVE work
  • Jean TANTI (Temporary agent), "CoR for Climate Pact" project, general support to ENVE work
​To contact the ENVE team, please use the Contact for​m