Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs (CIVEX)  


The remit of the CIVEX Commission covers the following fields:     

  • Area of Freedom, Security and Justice   
  • Immigration Policy, asylum and visas     
  • EU Charter of Fundamental Rights     
  • Active Citizenship
  • Devolution
  • Constitutional Affairs
  • Governance, better Law-Making, Subsidiarity and Proportionality     
  • External Relations, including administrative external cooperation and capacity building
  • International Treaties and negotiations, terrorism and border controls
  • Neighbourhood Policy (including Eastern Partnership and Euro-Med cooperation), decentralised cooperation for development and EU enlargement issues     
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Head of Unit: Silke Tönshoff

Deputy Head of Unit and Head of Sector EAST: Milica Neacsu, Coordinator External Relations – East and in charge of CORLEAP, Eastern Partnership and JCC North Macedonia

Assistant to the HoU: F​ernanda Rondao Brito in  charge of support to JCC North Macedonia


  • Victor Tilea, Head of Sector Constitutional Affairs, in charge of migration and integration of migrants
  • Benedetta Pricolo, in charge of Subsidiarity and proportionality monitoring; Future of the EU
  • Galina Sa​maras, in charge of Better regulation and public administration reform including work on REFIT; Subsidiarity and proportionality monitoring
  • Piotr Grzebielec, in charge of support to Decentralised cooperation, Nicosia initiative and ​WG Turkey​
  • Simona Livideanu, in charge of Terrorism and Anti-radicalisation incl. RAN; Security, Civil and Criminal Justice and Judicial cooperation; Fundamental Rights, Relations with the FRA
  • Petri Mirala, in charge of Enlargement, WG Western Balkans, JCC Serbia and Coordination with the Congress
  • Marinko Raos, in charge of Eastern Partnership and CORLEAP, JCC Montenegro and Disinformation
  • Gudrun Niedorf, Head of Sector SOUTH, Coordinator External Relations – South and in charge of ARLEM, Euromed and Division of powers
  • Tatiana Dimitrova, in charge of ARLEM, Euromed and Decentralised cooperation for development
  • Santiago Mondragon, in charge of WG Turkey, Division of Powers, ARLEM
  • Silvio Lazzari, in charge or Contact Group UK; Subsidiarity and proportionality monitoring; Integration of migrants network
  • Julia Shah Fiorovanti, in charge of Migration, Integration of migrants network; Subsidiarity and proportionality monitoring; Anti-Corruption; EU Citizenship,
  • Måns Ecilindberg, in charge of Development policy, Decentralised cooperation including Nicosia initiative


  • Santiago Diaz-De-Villegas​​, in charge of support to CIVEX commission meetings, opinions and amendments, plenary sessions
  • Evangelia Makarezou, in charge of support to CIVEX secretariat, CIVEX commission meetings, opinions and amendments, plenary sessions, WG Western Balkans
  • Darja Gontsarova, in charge of Task Force Ukraine, Eastern Partnership and CORLEAP, JCC Montenegro
  • Viliam Cierny, in charge of general support for CORLEAP, Task Force Ukraine, JCC Serbia, relations with the Congress
  • Thomas Poncik, in charge of Overview and follow-up on the Const studies: better regulation; Brexit; Future of Europe

  • Vanessa Pogacnik Murillo, in charge of the  ARLEM secretariat

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