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Winners announced: EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award 2021  
​On 30 November 2021, the Anna Lindh Foundation organised, in the framework of celebrations for the Day of the Mediterranean on 28 November and on the margins of the UFM Regional Forum, the award ceremony of the EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award 2021 – a new initiative by this institution to promote intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


The EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award provides international recognition for cities that have implemented or initiated intercultural policies and actions and have a vision to enhance cultural diversity, intercultural relations and EuroMed cooperation, with the involvement of different stakeholders. The award aims to acknowledge multicultural cities and cities that have a vision, implement intercultural policies and support intercultural initiatives and EuroMed social and cultural partnerships. The winning Capital also serves to inspire dialogue at the local and regional level in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The cities of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Limassol (Cyprus) have been awarded for all their work and strategic vision to promote intercultural dialogue and stimulate a reflection on the importance of fostering city-to-city cooperation and supporting civil society action to advance intercultural dialogue at the local level.

Beatrice Taulègne, Director at the European Committee of the Regions responsible for Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, was invited to join the debate of the round table on intercultural dialogue at city level.  It was an opportunity to highlight, together with the other participants, the importance of the role of the local level, as a laboratory of intercultural dialogue and on the frontline in promoting diversity management, inclusiveness, social cohesion and sustainable development, and how their role is essential in the current pandemic and climate change crisis.

Watch the video recording of the award ceremony.​

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