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Update on the ongoing RegHub consultations  


Despite the challenging circumstances created by the covid-19 crisis, the regional hubs have continued their work. Thanks to their resilience, the continuity of the RegHub consultations has been maintained. Here is a short overview of the ongoing consultation activity:


Flash consultation on State aid and public procurement measures in the wake of covid-19

This exceptional consultation covers the temporary framework for State aid measures and the guidance on public procurement the European Commission put in place during the outbreak of the covid-19 crisis. Its purpose is to gather relevant user experience from regional and local stakeholders.

This consultation benefits from the ​​​support of CoR President Apostolos Tzitzikostas, who strongly endorses it.​ 

The results will feed directly into the CoR's Annual Regional and Local Barometer to be held in October this year.


Cross-border healthcare

The consultation's implementation report is being finalised and will be published very soon.


CAP vs territorial development and State aid

Both consultations have taken place during the height of the pandemic crisis, but notwithstanding this we have managed to reach out to many hubs and their stakeholders.

The analysis of the results is in full swing and we hope to publish the results and the implementations reports soon after the summer.


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