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Secretary General underlines need for SME friendly regional patent strategy in space technology at Galileo Agency  

​A high level round table centering  around the need for an effective patent strategy in space applications took place on 11 of June at the Galileo Agency in Prague under the presence of high level experts including the president of the Czech Patent Office and Member of the EPO administrative Board, Mr Josef Kratochvil, the  Executive Director of the Galileo Agency, Mr Carlo Desdorides ,  the Galileo Envoy of the Czech Republic , Mr Karel Dobes and intellectual property manager of the European Commission, Mr Giancarlo Caratti.

Options for a systematic roll out of an truly interinstitutional crosscutting patent strategy were scrutinized and a systematic closer interinstitutional cooperation  agreed.

CoR Secretary General Jiri Burianek highlighted the national  and regional patent application discrepancies in the EU and called for a truly inclusive patent high tech strategy creating a level playing  field for notably all SMEs at all national and regional levels.

This timely meeting was conducted against the background of the starting discussion of the just tabled Galileo draft regulation and is intended to be continued regularly.

See Mr Burianek's presentation

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