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15th NAT commssion: Bioeconomy debate  

On the occasion of NAT's 15th Commission meeting on 22 November, representatives from the European Commission's DG AGRI, Silvia Michelini, DG RTD, Peter Wehrheim and Roman Brenne, JRC, Marios Avraamides, and of the European Forest Institute, Inazio Martinez de Arano, were invited to participate in a debate with NAT's members on the Bioeconomy.

Following presentations on the progress of the Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan, on the development of the Bioeconomy in the EU's regions and what it can deliver, delegates exchanged with NAT's members on the specific challenges relevant to certain regions, as well as on features which could facilitate the development of a localised bioeconomy. The debate was lively and seems to have prompted members to consider the obstacles and opportunities of devising a local Bioeconomy strategy for their localities.

This first discussion of the Bioeconomy amongst NAT members will inform our work towards our 2023 objective of fostering resilience in NAT's policy areas.

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