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eTranslation - trusted EU online translation system at your service  

​​​​​Do you need to be able to instantly translate texts and documents? Do you wish you could use a safe and secure EU-wide translation tool and keep an overview of your translations anytime, anywhere?

The solution is a machine translation tool. Machine translation uses software or artificial neural network instead of human translators to translate text or documents from one language to another.

Machine translation represents a neat and handy online tool that helps you grasp the gist of a text anytime, anywhere. However, be aware, that even though this technology has made great strides over the years, its output is still just a raw translation, the quality and accuracy of which may vary depending on the type of text and the language pair.

There are already several such solutions on the market. The European Committee of the Regions has chosen and successfully been using eTranslation – the EU-adapted application – to offer machine translation of News and Events when no official translation is available.

Visit our newly published eTranslation webpage and find out how you can easily and safely use eTranslation in your everyday work. ​

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