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Commission report refers to REGHUB initiative and indicates stepping up the collaboration with the Committee of the Regions to contribute to Commission’s policy making  

In its recent stock taking report about better regulation which was published on April 15th the European Commission took note of the recent actions the European Committee of the Regions has taken to implement the recommendations made by the Task Force on Subsidiarity of last year.

The report states that “the Task Force also highlighted the challenge of obtaining the views of local and regional authorities across the Union. Since then, the Committee of Regions has set up a pilot Network of Regional Hubs for EU Policy Implementation Review (RegHub) to assess the implementation of EU legislation in practice (20).

The Commission will step up its collaboration with the Committee of the Regions, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Commission’s representations in Member States, national authorities and other representative associations to raise general awareness about the opportunities to contribute to the Commission’s policymaking.”

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