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EU Committee of Regions postpones March plenary session to contribute to preventing and controlling the Coronavirus pandemic  

​Press statement by the President of the European Committee of the Regions,
Apostolos Tzitzikostas

"After careful deliberation, I have decided to postpone the European Committee of the Regions’ plenary session planned on 25-26 March, as a contribution to the efforts to prevent and control the further spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. This course of action reflects measures already put in place by many local, regional, national and EU authorities. This decision has already been communicated to all of our Committee’s Members, to the staff and to the other EU institutions and partners, with whom we are in close contact.

In taking this decision, I have considered the many requests coming from our Members who expressed their health concerns about participating at the plenary, as well as those whom would have been unable to attend due to restrictions placed in their home countries. I have also carefully assessed the relevant health, political, organisational, financial, legal and inter-institutional aspects. All analyses converge towards the adoption of a strict precautionary measure. Our citizens', Members' and staff's health comes first. We must act calmly and responsibly to protect them.

It is also important that our Members can stay where they are most needed during these critical times. As locally and regionally elected politicians, we are at the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic in our regions, cities, towns and villages. We are leading this battle resolutely, firmly and bravely and I am sure that, thanks to our efforts, the Coronavirus pandemic will be contained and overcome.

Democracy is stronger than a virus, and I will reconvene our Committee's Plenary session at the earliest possible moment, once the necessary health, political and organisational conditions will be met".


President's Spokesperson:

Michele Cercone
Tel. +32 (0)498 98 23 49