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EU Cities and Regions at COP27: Monday, 14 November 2022  

​Welcome to the second edition of the COP Chronicles, bringing you fresh news on COP27 from Sharm el-Sheikh ​

During the first day of the second week of COP27, the CoR delegation has engaged in discussions with the High-Level Climate Champions, the Swedish national delegation and the European Parliament delegation on the outstanding issues on the negotiation process. The CoR delegation pushed for the formal recognition of subnational governments in accelerating a just climate transition. Delegates have underlined the importance of direct funding for local and regional authorities and have put forward the call for the inclusion of Regionally and Locally Determined Contributions (RLDCs) to complement the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). ​

Climate Champions Morning Dialogue. The second of a series of high-level meetings between Nigel TOPPING, High-Level Climate Champion for COP26 and Mahmoud MOHIELDIN, High-Level Climate Champion for COP27, and representatives of the Marrakech Partnership, Non-State Actors Leaders, UNFCCC leadership, COP Presidencies and key partners.Vincent CHAUVET (FR/Renew) participated in the dialogue, which provided a unique opportunity to represent the local and regional viewpoint in a multi stakeholder setting with the aim of shaping a shared narrative around ambitious climate action.

Side event: Energy efficiency as a valuable resource – Boosting energy performance of the economy and renovating buildings. The crucial role played by energy efficiency and energy savings in industry, buildings, and public sector made the core of the session. Structured in the context of the REPowerEU plan, the event gave the speakers an opportunity to share concrete cases for both short-medium and long-term energy saving measures. Speaking alongside Kadri SIMSON, European Commissioner for Energy, Rafał TRZASKOWSKI (PL/EPP) underlined the need to move away from an energy system based on traditional, centralised generation, stressing the role of cities and regions in promoting decentralised, tailored solutions: “ If we want to really make strides towards more energy efficiency, we need to devolve power and we need to devolve the way in which we deal with innovation and retrofitting ”. You can watch the recording h​ere .

Bilateral meeting with the Swedish Delegation to COP27. The CoR delegation met with the upcoming Swedish Presidency of the Council to take stock of the negotiations and to work towards reinforcing the EU mandate for COP28. The Swedish delegation highlighted the challenges when aiming at higher mitigation targets due to the current energy crisis and noted that loss and damage remains one of the outstanding issues in the agenda. The CoR delegation conveyed its political messages to be taken into account in the final conclusions of the COP27, including a call for the formal inclusion of Regionally and Locally Determined Contributions (RLDCs), to complement the NDCs globally and the need to provide cities and regions with direct and sufficient financial and technical tools.

Side event: D elivering on the urban transition to net-zero: multi-level partnerships and innovation to achieve systemic change . The Urban Transition Mission, launched by the Global Covenant of Mayors, aims at enabling 50 ambitious cities worldwide to demonstrate integrated pathways towards urban transitions built around clean energy and innovative net-zero carbon solutions. Drawing from experience, Alison GILLILAND (IE/PES) underlined the importance of initiatives like the EU Mission for 100 Climate-neutral and Smart Cities and issued a clear call for UNFCCC Parties to acknowledge the role of multilevel action in delivering the Paris Agreement in the COP27 conclusions. You can watch the recording here

Bilateral meeting with MEP Lidia PEREIRA. The CoR delegation met with MEP and European Parliament (EP) delegate to COP27, Lidia PEREIRA, in order to take stock of the fruitful cooperation between the CoR and EP on the road to COP27 and to identify key milestones moving towards COP28. MEP Pereira stressed the need for cities and regions to be included in the negotiation of key aspects of the implementation of the Paris Agreement and recalled the strong messages in this regard in the European Parliament Resolution to COP27.

Side event: Results of the Regional Meeting on Climate Change and Gender Equality: For gender-sensitive climate action in Latin America and the Caribbean. The event brought together actors to exchange good practices and priorities on promoting gender equality on the road towards climate neutrality. Kata TÜTTŐ (HU/PES), rapporteur on the CoR opinion on Gender equality and Climate change: towards mainstreaming the gender perspective in the European Green Deal​, stressed that women's contributions to green economic activities are essential to achieve equitable sustainable development.

Meeting between the Global Covenant of Mayors’ Board and the European Parliament delegation to COP27. The Global Covenant of Mayors is the largest global alliance for city climate leadership, bringing together more than 10 000 cities worldwide. The meeting served as an opportunity to take a look at the European experience when it comes to empowering cities in fighting against climate change. As part of the Global Covenant of Mayors’ Board, Rafał TRZASKOWSKI (PL/EPP) underlined the importance of granting cities and regions access to direct funding and technical assistance opportunities.

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