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Re-start Europa: Siderno insieme con i giovani per il futuro  
​​​​​​​​​The event aims to promote participation of young people and generate more effective channels for them to 
reach decision makers. It will be attended by the leaders of local institutions, Europe Direct Calabria, CIME,
the University of Calabria and Calabrian Youth Councils. The event will take place in the Magna Chamber of the JTI Marconi in Siderno. 

The future of Europe depends on young people and their participation in social and political life. This event turning to intends to provide an impetus to ensure that more young people will be motivated to commit to managing Calabrian territories. 

The event will be attended by CoR Member Giuseppe​ Varacalli (Renew Europe, IT) and MEP Sandro Gozi (Renew Europe, IT).  

The full list of participants is as follows: 

Domenico Zavettieri, Head of School at the G. Marconi Institute in Siderno
MARIATERESA Fragomeni, Mayor of the City of Siderno
Davide Ruso, President Giovanile City of Siderno
Sandro Gozi, Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe
Alessandra Tuzza Europe Direct Calabria Europa
Pier Virgilio Dastoli President — Italian Council of the European Movement
Giuseppe Varacalli alternate member Committee of the Regions
Giuseppe De Rose — Professor UNICAL Department of Business and Legal Sciences — DiScAG 
Experts from the Ed Calabria Europa of Gioiosa Jonica​

Contact Person: Louisa La Colla
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